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Traveling in India and the subcontinent . The following information is correct and valid at the time of publication, to the best of our knowledge. This advice is a genuine effort on our part to make your stay as pleasant as possible, but we regret we cannot accept any responsibility for any changes to the advice or information given.

General Information

India is an area of great linguistic diversity with over 1500 languages and dialect. People associated with tourism speak English throughout the country. The official language is however Hindi.

India is well known for its rich cultural heritage. Hence, we request you to kindly keep in mind the cultural aspects (which may seem conservative at times)while you are on your tour in India.

Both men and women should wear clothing that covers knees and shoulders (especially while visiting religious places like mosques and temples). When entering mosques, temples and places of religious worship or private homes - please remove your shoes. Women can cover their head with a scarf or a stole. Many Hindu temples are not open to non-Hindus. Always ask permission before entering. Even Mosques may have limited visiting times for non-Muslims.

Please avoid any public displays of affection. Nudity is a taboo hence while swimming please do wear a swimsuit.

A tour package usually includes hotel accommodation with breakfast, airport transfers & sightseeing with guide services. Many a times, special activities and events are also included in the package price but most of the times it is either paid directly or collected in advance as an extra price. Entrance charges to monuments are paid directly on a cash payment basis in Indian rupees. All meals can be included in package price if desired so. Airfare and railway fare are also excluded from the package price. However, if you desire an ‘All-Inclusive’ package, same can definitely be customized.

India is a country where you can have snow in one area and hot weather in some other part at the same time. India has hot weather from April to September with Monsoons from July to September. However, even during hot weather, there are plenty of hill stations where you can enjoy a very cold and pleasant weather. In case you want to travel across India then September to March has a pleasant and cool weather.

India is 5.5 hours ahead of GMT, 6.5 hours behind New Zealand Standard Time, 4.5 hours behind Australian Eastern Standard Time and 11.5 hours ahead of Canadian Eastern Standard Time.

The unit of currency is Rupee/INR. (1 USD= 62 INR approximately)

The majority of visitors to India return home with perfect health with no problems at all. The most common problem is an upset stomach for a day or two due to use of unfiltered water, change of diet, or simply the change of lifestyle. Use mineral water which is easily available at all places and avoid tap water. However always check the seal before buying.

No specific vaccinations are required to enter India unless you are entering within six days of having visited a yellow fever infected area. Most doctors recommend the vaccinations of Tetanus, Polio, Hepatitis, Meningitis & Malaria .Dust can be a problem to travelers sometimes. You may use spects instead of contact lenses. If you are prone to coughs, colds and sore throats, we advice you to take preventive medicines with you as cities suffer from smog pollution. This is particularly important if you suffer from bronchial complaints.

If you are over 60 or you think you have any physical disabilities, then you should talk to your doctor about the trip to ensure it is suitable for you. Once on the trip please tell us any concerns you may have regarding health concerns, we can then ensure your specific needs are met. If you are undergoing specific medical treatment please inform us and ensure you have an adequate supply of any medication you may be taking.

The most popular places in India for tourists are ‘The Golden Triangle’ comprising of the capital city of Delhi, Agra & Jaipur in the north. Rajasthan is one of the most popular states whereas Varanasi & Khajuraho are important destinations too in the North. Kerala is highly recommended in South along with states of Karnataka & Tamil Nadu.


There are many reasons to choose an Indian Agent. Some of them are as under :

    We know and love our country ! We show you the real beautiful India !

    Package price would be less since the margin of a foreign agent is not there.

    Once you are in India, any changes desired by you can not be executed without permission from your home agent if you buy the package from a home agent. This can not only make you uncomfortable in your tour but can also be disappointing since the handling agent in India will be limited by his powers to take a decision unless your home agent approves of it.

    In case you want to communicate with your home agent, you may also face problems of time zone differences, specially for U.S., Canada. For instance there is an emergency while you are in India and you want to contact your home agent during the day, your home agent’s office would be closed as there would be night.

Travel Information

All visitors to India require a visa that can be obtained from an Indian Consulate nearest to your place. Applications should be on the official visa form. It can be downloaded from the Embassies’ official website or also obtained from a local travel agent. All applications can be submitted with a visa fees (differs from place to place) and three passport-sized photographs. For an address in India, you may mention our company’s name and address.

You must also have a valid passport, which will not expire for at least six months after your journey is about to end. It should have clear pages for entry and exit stamps along with your visa. Please always carry a photocopy of your passport along with you in case of theft or loss.

Travel insurance is a must and you would have to obtain a travel insurance policy from your country. You would also be required to carry the insurance policy papers with you.

Note: The above information is correct to the best of our knowledge and belief. It is current at the time of publication. We regret we cannot accept any responsibility for any changes on advice or information given. The advice given is a genuine effort on our part to make your stay as pleasant as possible.
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